What Do They Eat?

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What do Alligators Eat?

What do Alligators Eat?Alligators are carnivorous reptiles who spend most of their time in the rivers of America and China. They hunt within and on the banks of these rivers and sometimes ponds or lakes. Baby alligators are very small and can only hunt worms, shrimp and tiny fish. Later, they grow to be over 1000 pounds and eat razorback boars, black bears, panthers and deer that they ambush from the water. Alligators lay in wait just below the surface of the water for an unsuspecting victim to come by for a drink. Then, while the animal is vulnerable, the alligator launches itself from the water, grabs the animal and drags it underwater to be drowned. Smaller prey include fish like catfish and gar turtles, and birds. Alligators are less likely to attack humans than their cousin the crocodile, but anyone swimming in alligator territory must be very cautious, particularly children.

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