What Do They Eat?

Find out what your favorite animal eats.

what do armadillos eat?

what do armadillos eat
Armadillos are omnivores with a thick shell to protect them from predators and long claws that they use to dig dens and hunt their favorite prey: bugs. Armadillos love ants and can eat 40,000 of them in one sitting! They also dig up earthworms and grubs, and termites are a rare treat if they can find them. Small animals like scorpions, cockroaches, snails, spiders and even small snakes or lizards are all part of a healthy armadillo diet.

While armadillos eat over 200 pounds of bugs every year, they also eat fruits and plants. Berries like blueberries and blackberries are a sweet find, but young leaves and roots are a more common supplement. Some armadillos like to sneak into gardens and steal some lettuce, too!

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