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what do baby birds eat?

what do baby birds eatBaby birds are, with a few exceptions, reliant on their mothers for days, months or even years to get food. Mother birds leave their nest for about fifteen minutes at a time to find their standard food like worms, bugs, seeds and fruits. The mother then eats what she finds and flies it back to her nest, where she regurgitates the contents of her stomach into the waiting mouths of her chicks. If you have found a baby bird on the ground, it’s best to return it to its nest, as it needs its mother to survive. If the baby has adult feathers, it was probably in the middle of learning how to fly! For more information of the topic of what do birds eat, then please visit the what do birds eat website.

Not all birds are helpless as babies, however. Ground-dwelling birds like chickens, pheasants, guinea fowl and turkeys are able to walk and search for food with their mothers shortly after hatching. They start by eating tiny seeds and insects that their mothers show to them before growing into a regular diet.

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