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what do bald eagles eat?

what do bald eagles eatBald Eagles are large birds of prey that usually rely on scavenging and fishing to survive. They are powerful predators with keen eyesight, which lets them see their quarry from over a mile away. Their most common prey are fish like salmon, trout, char, herrings and lances. These make up anywhere from 60 to 90 percent of Bald Eagles’ diets. They also catch and eat land mammals such as rabbits, raccoons and beavers, and waterfowl like ducks, geese, grebes and egrets. A Bald Eagle soars high above its victims before diving down and snatching them back up into the air.

Bald Eagles prefer fresh food, but will also eat carrion or steal from other predators. A dead deer or seal is a feast for Bald Eagles, but dead fish along the shore are also choice pickings. Some Bald Eagles even steal fish from another large fishing bird, the Osprey, in midair!

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  1. Last summer on vacation we were fishing in the mango on the back side of Sanibel Island. I caught a speckled trout that was a little too small and had to throw it back. The hook was down deep and long story short we watch the trout float away. About 10 minutes later a osprey swooped down and picked up the trout. As soon as he did a bald eagle flew straight at the osprey and the osprey dropped the trout and flew off. The bald eagle then picked up the fish and let out a great screech. It was quite exciting.