What Do They Eat?

Find out what your favorite animal eats.

what do beetles eat?

what do beetles eat
Beetles are a widespread family and account for a full 25% of all known animal species. With all those types of beetles, it’s no surprise that they eat many different things, as well. Some beetles are predatory, but most are either omnivorous or herbivorous, relying on decaying plant matter for their daily diet. Many are also adapted to eat just one type of food. The cotton boll weevil, for example, is a major pest for farmers thanks to its diet of cotton. The dung beetle collects and eats the droppings of animals, while leaf beetles, as their name implies, consume the leaves and flowers of plants.

Carnivorous beetles are more general hunters. They eat snails, worms, insects, spiders and pill bugs, as well as the larvae of other bugs. Ground beetles are active predators and the tiger beetle is one of the fastest creatures on the planet!

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