What Do They Eat?

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What do Bobcats Eat?

What do Bobcats Eat

What do Bobcats Eat?

Bobcats are wild cats in the lynx family. They are small but ferocious hunters that range across most of the United States. The main diet of a bobcat consists of rabbits and hares, which it is able to catch thanks to its large paws and long legs. Bobcats hunt through ambush, lying in wait and then pouncing when their unsuspecting prey walks by. They are opportunistic predators and will also catch mice, rats, squirrels, fish and birds when food is plentiful. In times when food is scarce, they resort to larger animals like foxes, skunks, cranes and even deer. Bobcats are considered a pest by farmers because they will also attack small dogs, cats, goats, chickens and sheep if they are hungry enough. Bobcats keep their larger meals fresh by burying them in the snow so that they can come back for more later.
Fun Bobcat Fact: Did you know that just like domesticated cats Bobcats purr. Have you ever wondered why do cats purr?

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