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what do cane toads eat?

what-do-cane-toads-eat Cane toads are popular pets because the novelty aspect due to their large size. An adult cane toad can weigh up to 4 pounds, so they can consume large quantities of food. The cane toad’s main prey is insects, but will eat any animal it can fit into its mouth. This may include worms, large wood ants, beetles, smaller cane toads, fish, mice, rats, and other frogs. All of which may be purchased at your local pet shop. Remember to spray your toad cage periodically with a water bottle, because toads drink through the specialized skin on their belly.

Cane Toads normally prey on insects and will eat any animal that they can ingest. Cane Toads eat almost anything such as small lizards, frogs, birds, fish, mice, bees, worms, dung beetles, scarab beetles and even younger Cane Toads. They are also known to steal food from dogs and cats if their food dishes that are left outside.

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  1. i have a pet baby cane toad and what would you suggest to feed it it is only about 4 cm long