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What do Catfish eat?

What do Catfish Eat

What do Catfish Eat

Catfish are bottom-dwelling fish with whisker-like appendages on their noses. Like most fish, they are predatory and can reach over 100 pounds in weight! Because they grow so large and are very tasty, catfish can live both in the wild and on farms. Wild catfish swim along the bottom of rivers, ponds and lakes looking for anything that has fallen from the surface. So what do catfish eat?  Well, Catfish eat dead fish, snails, worms, animal feces, aquatic bugs, rotting plant vegetation, fish such as minnows and bass, leeches and carrion from other animals that have died in the water, like birds or even deer. Catfish aren’t picky and will eat just about anything. This makes them easy to farm, and in captivity they are fed a wide variety of foods including specifically formulated fish food; leftover scraps of meat from chickens, fish, pigs and cattle; and plenty of worms and other bugs.

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