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What do Centipedes Eat?

What do Centipedes Eat

What do Centipedes Eat?

Centipedes are long, narrow bugs famous for their many legs, ranging from as few as 32 to almost 400. Centipedes are carnivores that hunt by using their long antennae to find prey and then injecting it with a venom. Most centipedes eat invertebrates such as worms, spiders, crickets, beetles, cockroaches, flies, grasshoppers, ants, potato bugs and even other centipedes. Some centipede species eat plants, especially decaying vegetation like fallen leaves and tree bark, if they can’t find anything better like insects. Other centipedes are large enough to attack animals like mice, frogs, lizards and even flying creatures like birds and bats! Centipedes can capture such large prey because of their venom, but they are not deadly to humans. A centipede bite will swell up and hurt much like a bee sting if you are unfortunate enough to be bitten.

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