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what do cicadas eat?

what do cicadas eatCicadas are insects that invade various parts of North America every 13 to 17 years. Baby cicadas, or nymphs, live underground for over a decade by digging down to tree roots and drinking the sap from them. The nymphs have a long, straw-like mouth called a proboscis, which they use to poke into the veins of trees, known as xylem. Baby cicadas commonly feed from deciduous trees such as dogwood, oak, ash, maple and fruit trees such as apple, pear and peach.

Once the cicadas are old enough, they emerge from the ground and transform into their winged adult form. Mature cicadas only live for a few months, living in the trees in large, buzzing colonies. They mostly survive off of their own energy reserves stored up as a nymph, but they also drink the sap of trees. Eventually, female cicadas lay their eggs in the same trees they lived on, guaranteeing a meal for their young once they hatch.

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