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What do Clown Fish Eat?

What do Clown Fish Eat

What do Clown Fish Eat

Clown fish are bright orange little fish that live in a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones. The clown fish brush themselves regularly against the stinging tentacles of the anemone, giving them immunity from its toxin and thus also giving them a perfect shelter from predators. In return, they help the anemone in two ways. First, the clown fish eats small invertebrates which would hurt the anemone, including algae; tiny mollusks; and crustaceans known as copepods, Mysidacea, and isopods. It can also eat the discarded foods not absorbed by the anemone. Second, the feces of the clown fish provides valuable nutrients to the anemone.

Clown fish are popular choices for fish enthusiasts thanks to their bright colors. If you have one or two in your aquarium, they can survive on basic fish food, but they also need algae and preferably live food such as brine shrimp to stay healthy.

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