What Do They Eat?

Find out what your favorite animal eats.

what do dogs eat?

what do dogs eatDogs are domesticated, omnivorous descendants of wolves. They are primarily carnivorous, but they can also ingest fruits and vegetables when meat is scarce. Feral dogs that don’t have owners hunt small game like rabbits and scavenge from litter and trash cans for scraps of food. Most dogs, however, have a home and are fed either raw meat or kibble.

Raw feeding a dog is closer to a natural diet and is healthier, but also more expensive. Owners give their dogs whole chickens, gizzards, turkey necks and any other source of protein they can find. Kibble combines many different ingredients to meet your dog’s every nutritional need. A good dog food has three sources of meat in its first five ingredients.

Besides their basic food, many dogs love treats! There are plenty of treats for sale like biscuits, rawhide chews and bones, but you can also give your dog peanut butter, scraps of meat and eggs. The only foods dogs should not have are onions, grapes, chocolate and cooked bones.

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