What Do They Eat?

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What do Eagles Eat?

What do Eagles EatEagles are birds of prey, meaning their diet consists of meat that they either catch or find as carrion. Most eat a varied diet of fish, rodents and other prey, but the particular types of food depends on the species of eagle. For example, bald eagles eat mainly trout, salmon, rabbits, ducks, raccoons, gulls and geese, but also feed on the corpses of animals such as deer, crabs, cows and even whales! The Steller’s sea eagle, which is the largest of the eagles, eats a similar diet of seafood as the bald eagle, also including cod, squid and mussels. The sea eagle lives off of coasts and will also catch baby seals, cranes and herons. Golden Eagles hunt on the land and eat rabbits, prairie dogs, marmots and foxes. They are even big and powerful enough catch baby deer, cows, goats and sheep.

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