What Do They Eat?

Find out what your favorite animal eats.

what do flies eat?

what do flies eatFlies are winged insects that you may have seen buzzing around your own home. Flies have no teeth, so the only food they can eat is in a liquid form. This means they get most of their nutrition from plant and animal waste products. Some flies, like the fruit fly, eat and lay their eggs in rotting fruits and vegetables, while others suck the sap from trees using their proboscis, which is a tongue shaped like a straw.

Some flies eat less savory items, such as rotting meat or animal feces. They then lay their eggs in the waste and their baby flies, called maggots, finish off the meal. This may seem gross, but flies and maggots are essential for cleaning up nature and preventing the spread of disease. Some doctors even use maggots to clean out the infected wounds of patients, as the little bugs only eat dead flesh and leave everything else untouched.

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