What Do They Eat?

Find out what your favorite animal eats.

What do Gorillas Eat?

There are three main subspecies of gorillas, and each has a slightly different diet. Mountain gorillas are almost exclusively herbivorous. Their primary food is bamboo, which they consume in massive quantities with their powerful teeth. At higher altitudes, they eat the leaves, stems and flowers of galium vines. At the tops of mountains, they snap senecio trees in half and eat the tender centers.

Western lowland gorillas eat more fruit than the other subspecies. They eat over 100 types of fruits, including those from the mallow and rhododendron families, as well as more familiar species such as bananas and mangoes. When they can’t find fruits, they also eat ants, leaves and bamboo stalks.

Eastern lowland gorillas eat less vegetation than the mountain gorilla, but also less fruit than the western lowland gorilla. They primarily eat galium vines and wild celery, along with bamboo, insects such as ants and termites and even twigs and rotting bark when other food is scarce.

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