What Do They Eat?

Find out what your favorite animal eats.

what do hummingbirds eat?

what do hummingbirds eatHummingbirds are tiny birds that flutter from flower to flower drinking nectar. They are specially adapted to know which flowers have more sugar in their nectar than others, and several species of flowers have also evolved specifically to attract hummingbirds. Hummingbirds have to spend most of their time looking for food because they use up so much energy hovering around. Their long, thin bills help them to reach into blossoms and lap up the nectar with their tongues. Some of their favorite flowers are Columbine, Sage, Honeysuckle, Trumpet Creepers, Butterfly Bushes, Azaleas, Foxgloves and Petunias. However, hummingbirds cannot get all of the nutrients they need from flowers alone. They also eat bugs like spiders and small beetles that live on the plants.

If you want to see more hummingbirds, try planting their favorite flowers, bushes and trees around your home. You’ll be sure to draw in some grateful visitors!

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