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What do Iguanas eat?

What do Iguanas Eat

What do Iguanas Eat?

Iguanas are large lizards known for their size and ability to swim. They are also one of the few lizard species to be entirely vegetarian, making them popular pets among reptile enthusiasts. In the wild, iguanas consume tropical plants and fruits, using their strong limbs and claws to climb up into the branches of trees. They eat over 100 varieties of plants, including wild plums, orchids, figs, vines, mangoes, bananas, rosemary and tomatoes. There have been some reports of iguanas eating dead fish and insects like grasshoppers, but many enthusiasts believe that too much protein can harm an iguana.

Captive iguanas are fed many different fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. Besides the plants listed above, popular foods include leafy greens like spinach and kale; fruits like mangoes, strawberries and grapes; turnip, mustard and collard greens; squash; and occasionally even bread.

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  1. Hello There,

    We live on the banks of the Klip River, we encountered a Water Lizard on our property on Sunday, he was approximately 2.5m long and had a reddish/bronze sheen on his sides. Please can you advise me what these types of Lizards eat? We have four footed children that we need to protect, I am concerned that this Lizard will think that this is a nice spot for catching some easy supper – four footed supper. I did see how he tried to catch a bird. If he is not a carnivore then he is welcome to squat on our property and we will enjoy the view. If he is we would like to find suitable alternative accommodation for him as we have a strict no kill policy.

    With thanks

    Wilma Van Aswegen

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