What Do They Eat?

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What do Jaguars Eat?

What do Jaguars EatThe jaguar is a carnivore, meaning it eats only meat. The cat ambushes its victims, its distinctive spotted coat helping it to blend into the shadows of the jungle. It is immensely strong and can kill and carry animals much larger than itself. Jaguars hunt large prey such as tapirs, capybaras, pigs, anacondas and deer. However, many jaguars also go after smaller prey like birds, armadillos and monkeys. Like many of the great cats, they can jump into the water to catch their meals, and are excellent swimmers. This allows them to also hunt fish, frogs, caiman and turtles. Sometimes, jaguars will venture onto human property and kill small cows, dogs, goats and other livestock. People traveling through jaguar territory should be cautious, as the cats have been known to hunt humans, but they are less likely to do so than other panthers.

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