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What do Japanese beetles eat?

What do Japanese beetles eat

What do Japanese beetles eat?

The Japanese beetle is largely considered a pets and is on the list of invasive species here in the United States. While beautiful the beetle can unleash havoc on many ornamental plants. Japanese beetles will eat most plants but tend to prefer plants you actually care about. The list of plants the Japanese beetle will eat in North American numbers over 200 different species. The tail tell mark of a Japanese beetle infestation is in how the Japanese Beetle will eat on a leaf. It is know for skeletonizing leaves. The beetle eats all the soft areas on a leaf and leaves behind the veins.

Being that the beetle eats so many different plant in the United states the list is very long. Some of its favorites are: Rose bushes, Grapes, Crape Myrtles, Red maple, Silver maple, Boxwood, Flowering dogwood, Euonymus, White ash, Green ash, Holly, Tuliptree, Magnolia, Red Mulberry, White poplar, Common lilac

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