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what do ladybugs eat?

what-do-ladybugs-eat Ladybugs are the organic gardeners best fried. Ladybugs have a huge appetite and will rid your garden of those pests that dine on your flowers and vegetables. If you have ladybugs in your garden then you know there is food. A ladybug will lay their eggs close to a food source, so that there young will have a better chance of finding food. So, what do ladybugs eat? A Ladybug’s main source of food is aphids, but commonly eat mites, mealybugs, armored scale, pit scales, and many other less known Scale insects that are generally too small to easily see with the human eye. In general Ladybugs do not make good pets due to there diet. For a more in-depth look at ladybugs and what they eat please visit what do ladybugs eat website.

Image courtesy of wikipedia under GNU:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lady-beetle-close-up.jpg

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  1. lol i know what ladybirds eat!

    common red and black spotted ladybird:

    black flies
    lettuce leaves (if picked and placed in an artificial habitat)
    and other yummt things!