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What do Lightning Bugs eat?

What do Lightning Bugs Eat

What do Lightning Bugs Eat?

Lightning bugs, or fireflies, are insects famous for their ability to light up their abdomens in a dazzling display. They spend most of their lives in a larval stage, but transform into winged adults during the summer months in order to find a mate. When they are larvae, lightning bugs are predatory omnivores that eat creatures like worms, snails and slugs. They also eat dead animals like mice or even larger mammals, and dead organic material like rotting wood. The larvae follow slime trails left behind by slugs and snails and inject them with venom to paralyze their victims.

Adult lightning bugs are mostly focused on reproducing and do not live very long, so they eat less than their larval forms. It’s thought that they do sometimes eat plant nectar and pollen, collecting it from summer flowers like daisies and rhododendrons.

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