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what do Octopus eat?

What do Octopus Eat
Octopuses are highly intelligent predators that hunt along shores and in the open ocean. Their main source of food is mollusks, such as clams, oysters and sea snails. They also hunt many crabs, lobsters and shrimp. They are able to eat these thick-shelled animals with their powerful beak, which is located in the middle of their eight tentacles. This beak allows them to drill a hole through shells and gain access to the meaty bits underneath. In the open ocean, octopuses hunt along the sea floor, usually catching prawns and fish through ambush tactics.

Baby octopuses are tiny, and mostly eat plankton after they hatch. The mother watches after her young for around a month, and doesn’t hunt during that time. She may even eat some of her own arms to keep her babies safe! Once they are big enough for the ocean floor, the young octopuses eat baby starfish and crabs to grow big enough to hunt larger prey.

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