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what do opossums eat?

what do opossums eat The Virginia Opossum is the only animal that can properly be called an Opossum. Opossums have an extremely broad diet and are classified as omnivores, meaning they eat plants and animals. The primary food source for an Opossum is carrion. In short carrion can be defined as any dead animal.

Other than carrion, Opossums eat all types of small animals such as small birds, frogs, snakes, frogs, maggots and earthworms. The plant life eaten by the Virginia Opossum are fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms. Opossums are also well known to eat any sort of human food, and are particularly fond of dog and cat food.

Note: The difference between the opossum and possum relates to the hemisphere the animal is a native of. The Opossums come from the Western Hemisphere (North and South America). The article for the Possum from the Eastern Hemisphere may be found under the What do possums eat? article.
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  1. To who may be of help. I have a Opossum that visits regularly in late Eve. It seems to be very choosy as to what it will eat. Can you give me the name of a food that they will eat on a regular basis. RTT

  2. If you want to keep your opossum around you can try several things. A sure winner would be to try cat food that is advertised as containing fish. Opossums also love to eat rotting fruit. Most grocery stores will allow you to take their rotten produce. You just need to go in an ask the manager about pickup times.

  3. Please be careful Oppossums can carry diseases.

  4. Please do not feed cat food to an opossum. Dog food is a much safer option, as it is designed for Omnivorous animals. Cats are obligate carnivores and the protein levels in cat food is DANGEROUSLY high for an opossum. The excessive protein will cause a serious illness known as metabolic bone disease.

  5. I have an opossum here with a penchant for cat poop. Is that normal? She rips into the trash bag and digs out the cat poop.

  6. Our visiting opposums (every night), have favorite foods: blueberries, walnuts, almonds. They don’t seem to be fond of veggies and many other fruits. Sometimes they will eat a strawberry but not always. They will eat a tad of cat food but we rarely put any out for them. I put out a cup of shallow dirt with earthworms and they didn’t eat them. We like having them around to eat the snails and slugs. They don’t seem to bother our garden.