What Do They Eat?

Find out what your favorite animal eats.

what do peacocks eat?

what do peacocks eatPeacocks are large birds best known for the males’ huge and colorful tails. Peacocks can be kept as pets, but are usually seen in the wild, where they hunt for food in packs of up to 90 birds. They are omnivorous, but they mostly eat plant matter like new shoots and leaves, seeds and flowers. Grains like oats and wheat along with plant seeds are other favorites. They also catch insects like beetles, snails, frogs, mice and sometimes snakes! Peacocks have been known to gang up on a deadly cobra and kill it through sheer numbers.

Domestic peacocks are kept for their radiant plumage, which can add some interest to a property or supply craft stores. Many peacocks are allowed to forage freely, but they are also fed the same commercial food other game birds like pheasants eat. Peacocks like grain and bread as treats.

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