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What do Plankton Eat?

What do Plankton Eat

What do Plankton Eat

Plankton are any creatures that drift through a certain section of the ocean. They can be animals, plants or bacteria and are often very small, but not always so. For example, did you know that jellyfish are considered to be plankton? Because there are many types of plankton, they also eat many different things. Plant plankton, or phytoplankton, float where the sun shines brightly in the water and engage in photosynthesis. Bacterioplankton are not animals, but still consume organic materials and reproduce by cloning themselves. Zooplankton, or animal plankton, have several feeding methods. Some, like jellyfish, prey on larger animals such as fish. Others consume animal feces that descends from higher levels of the ocean, but most eat the phytoplankton and bacterioplankton floating along with them. Zooplankton may also eat their fellow zooplankton. All three types of plankton are essential parts of ocean habitats, and even mighty whales rely on them for food.
Note: For classification purposes the what do plankton eat page was placed under the arthropods category with the assumption we were talking solely about krill.

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