What Do They Eat?

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what do possums eat?

what-do-possums-eat1 The Possum has over 60 individual species that make up the possum family in the Eastern Hemisphere. By a large majority the Possum is an arboreal creature; meaning they primarily live in trees. Possums are omnivores but the mainstay of their diet are fruits and vegetables. As seen in the picture, possums will eat pineapple, kiwifruit, apples, flowers, young plants, as well as small insects and most types of human scrap food.

Note: The difference between the possum and opossum relates to the hemisphere the animal comes from. Possums come from the Eastern Hemisphere (Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa). To see the entry for the Opossum please see the What do opossums eat article, which relates to the animal native to the Western Hemisphere (North and South America).

Image courtesy of wikipedia under GNU:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Brushtail_possum.jpg

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