What Do They Eat?

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what do seals eat?

what do seals eat
The seal family encompasses many mammals with fins for feet, ranging from the walrus to the sea lion. All, however, are fierce aquatic predators. Most seals are quick and agile hunters, catching fish such as cod, mackerel, herring and trout. Squid are another favorite food, along with crabs, shrimp and mollusks.

While seals like the fur seal are generalist hunters, others have specialized to the prey in their region. Walruses eat mollusks, particularly clams, almost exclusively, while other seals eat only squid or crabs. The leopard seal is a ferocious carnivore that eats penguins, other sea birds and even smaller seals! Sea lions have a similar diet, also preying on seal pups and penguins.

Seals are very protective mothers and watch their young carefully to guard against hungry predators. Seal pups drink milk for anywhere from four days to three years, depending on their species.

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