What Do They Eat?

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what do slugs eat?

what do slugs eatSlugs are mollusks that look like snails without their shells on. They generate a thick coat of mucus and are mostly made of water, so they can only live in damp environments. Sea slugs take that one step further and actually live underwater! Slugs come in many varieties, and they eat different things depending on their species. The majority of slugs eat decaying plant matter like fungi, old leaves and dead plants. They help keep forest floors clean and sanitary by constantly removing materials that would otherwise build up on the ground.

Other slugs, however, eat live plants and animals. Gardeners know that slugs love plants with soft leaves, such as Hostas, clematis, lettuce and marigolds, and they can become quite a garden pest if left unchecked. Carnivorous slugs, on the other hand, attack earthworms that come up to the surface, snails and even other slugs. To learn more about snails please visit what do snails eat for a more in depth writeup on snails.

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