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what do small toads eat?

what-do-small-toads-eat Small toads are great pets and are quite easy to feed. Just remember to feed your toad plenty. Adult toads can eat upwards of 1000 insects in one night. If you are trying to feed a small toad that you are keeping as a pet the first thing you want to do is look at the size of his head. Toads can open their mouths to the size of their heads. So the food they will want to eat should fit in their mouth. That is with the exception of earth worms.
Some of the favorite foods of small toads are pin crickets, which can be purchased at most pet stores. As well, during the summer months you can collect (“doodlebug,” “roly poly” or “rollie polie”) under rocks and logs. Small toads will also eat several types of worms. If you find earth worms place them either on top of a rock in your toads cage or in an upside down lid. During the winter months you will want to purchase blood worms from your local pet store. House flies are also enjoyed by small toads. Just remember that toads are carnivores and if it can fit in their mouth the will eat it.
For a small toad you will want to feed him one earth worm, 2 or 3 insects, or a large slug per feeding. Make sure you feed your toad 3 to 4 times per week.
Image courtesy of wikipedia under GNU:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Smallamericantoad.JPG

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  1. This was very helpful. Recently, I caught a very small toad and this morning, I caught an adult toad. I been trying to figure out what they eat.

  2. thanks for the help!!!

  3. Thanks to this information on toads I am successfully able to have a toad as a pet, they do have a personality just watch one for a while you”ll see!

  4. Ummmmm, I got this I believe called fowlers toad in the mountains, and it looks about one and a half inches long and one inch wide. My dad and I caught some crikets for it the first day. For about half a week, it didnt eat. It got skinnyer, and not crikets were missing. Thats when we ogt worried. We even went to the pet store and bought some toad food for it. We believed it might solve the problem. We even tried to make it eat the food by buying an igloo and trapping her inside and force her to eat the food. She got out. I just dont know what to do! Help me please.

  5. cool i found a toad and was feeding them boiled lettuce they lasted for 2 weeks they are still alive right this second! well now i know. i think i can find some worms. thx

  6. thank you this is vary helpful imformation.. i just caught a toad !!!!

  7. My cousin had a tree frog and feeds him mealworms. He will eat them but i found a frog on the road at night and this article help me alot. Thanks for the feeding guide.

  8. I found some potato bugs will they eat them???
    I found some potato bugs will thy eat them???

  9. how much does it cost to buy crickets?? aha ;) how much room do they need to hav??

  10. Hi! Quite a while ago I found a very small toad about the size of my thumb. I actually found it 2 weeks ago and
    it would not eat at all! I thought it would not eat and die and that would be hard for me because the I don’t
    have any pets at all!So I was scared of when he would pass away since I was at my grand parent’s house.Everybody said he was going to die and so did I. So I read this article and I found out that he could eat gnats and stuff! So my uncle got his light shade and got all the dead bugs from it and now Herman(the toad)
    eats! Thank you SSSSOOOOO MUCH!!!!



  11. This has helped me alot. I’ve recently caught a toad in a nearby creek who, I believe, has just developed it’s backlegs.It’s about as big as the toad in the picture above, except with backlegs. Will they eat amphibian food from a local pet store? I will catch some insects and worms later. I caught him yesterday so I’m not sure if he’s already eaten or not. Thank you very much for this helpful information.


  12. I might go and get a carrier later on. Can he live in there?

  13. in the summer time i find putting there cage out side, with a lite above it a tracks, many bugs for them to eat. and they go to town on them. i also found a toad has a vary good memory. i had one in a cage, for about a month. then i let him go. every night he comes to my porch, and follows me around. never knew a toad could bond with his owner. i put him in his cage every night and put him on our dock, at lake house with a lite above it. then let him go again. he seems to like this, cus he comes back every night. also i found they have vary good memory, theres a toad that lives in a stump, in our front yard. i take him 200 foot around the house. to the lake side. and the next day. he is back into the stump. he has to travel around our main house, and guest house. way to the front yard. i tried to look up, how smart they are. but could find nothing. this is a big feat, for a toad to do. but he finds his way back every day.

  14. I just caught a toad in my yard the other day and its been eating crickets but it wont eat any of the worms I’ve tried to feed it. i think that if it eats that’s good because i don’t want it to die but it is really hard to find crickets what else can i feed it that i can count on to b there all the time like at the store?