What Do They Eat?

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what do sparrows eat?

What do sparrows eat

What do sparrows eat

For the most part sparrows are seed eaters. The seeds that the sparrow will normally prefer are millet, grass, thistle, weed, and sunflower seed. Even though the sparrow is primarily a seed eater they will eat small insects, and are often seen in parking lots and parks where scraps of food are left about. During the breading season the common House Sparrow will prefer insects and worms. During this time a mealworm feeder will attract sparrows to your backyard.

Image courtesy of wikipedia under GNU:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:House_sparrowIII.jpg

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  1. My cat brought in a little sparrow. It appears unharmed, I am, however, unsure. It spent the night in an open topped basket last night indoors. How should we treat it? Should we put it into a corner in our aviary with five budgerigars and feed it on grass seeds and budgerigar seeds and millet, until such time that it can fend for itself OR should we assume it cannot fly and take it to the vet to be ‘put down humanely’ before another cat gets it?

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the useful information, the sparrows that come to our porch also eats rice (uncooked).

    –Amy :)

  3. Hi. I found a sparrow with a broken wing. Any ideas on wht to do

  4. Wild sparrows seem to love cooked rice and bread! Potato chips and of course birdseesd or seeds not of in the shell. They will not eat lettuce, however, though!

  5. A story: My neighbor mentioned how many spiders he had in his yard. He took me over and showed me the webs. He did have a problem. I didn’t have spiders although I lived next door. A few days later, I was sitting outside when I noticed a number of sparrows going through my bushes, looking for insects. I realized that they were after spiders as well. I feed birds in my yard and I have a lot of birds hanging around. I mentioned this to my neighbor and he immediately set up bird feeders and attracted birds to his yard. Soon the spiders were gone. So I don’t mind seeing the sparrows eating at my feeds.

  6. Wow great story Philip. I kind of noticed the same thing in my yard. I have a feeder and I notice a few species of birds actively seeking out spider webs. Along with sparrows eating spiders I have noticed tufted titmouse eating spider egg sacks.

  7. I load of sparrows come to feed from my balcony, they are beautiful creatures and unfortunately there are not as many as there should be, so i feel truely privaliged. I feed them peanuts and sometimes I dip them in bacon fat? they love it!!!! :)))

  8. Hi,

    I would like to know if I can put a sparrow house on top of my terrace….
    I live in a busy city area….There are a some sparrows a few storeys below, but I wonder if I could attract some on the top too…
    The terrace is about 8 storeys high…..

  9. i have got a baby sparrow…..so what should i give him to eat…….???

  10. We have seed feeders set up and throw bread and rolls everyday and we have 5 homemade little bird houses nailed up on our shed. They frequent each house all day long lol

  11. I found a little sparrow that fell from its nest and it eats crushed seeds and soggy bread.

  12. Hi
    After reading RSPB site the best thing to feed baby birds is mealworms but to soak them for 15 mins before so their are hydrated and give fresh water. Sparrows appear to eat insects then seeds. Sparrows are now red listed in UK so putting up nesting boxes for them will help them to breed again.

  13. We would appreciate it the UK would come take back their national bird (the sparrow) we have millions of them and they are pests not song birds. They attempt to displace the beneficial birds like purple Martins which do eat insects such as flies, Mosquitoes, grasshoppers, etc. that damage crops. Sparrows do not eat spiders but other birds will. Sparrow do attract and bring many nasty pests with them such as ticks, lice, and aphids. They eat grains, prefer sunflowers, and unfortunately destroy garden veggies. They add nothing positive to the landscape. Blue birds, robins, cardinals, mocking birds, woodpecker, hawk, eagle, even the common black bird are much more positive. Sparrows are a pest.

  14. What are you wanting from this invasive bird? They eat purple martin’s young, and ruin the native birds nesting. They are invasive pests. They bring in mites, fleas, ticks, and other destructive insects to gardens which attack the food crops. Removing them allows the return of native species of song birds like the Robin, Cardinal, and many others which actually eat insects and get rid of the bad things which attack the vegetable gardens.

  15. Shooting these pests with a Pelet gun is also a good way to remove them. These destructive non native birds are not song birds and bring only disease to an area. Claims that they eat spiders are false. Other birds will eat spiders but not these pests from England. Place traps out and catch them. Afterward inspect them for mites, ticks, fleas, and other damaging insects as most all of the adults are infested with such. Go watch the video on U-tube of these pecking the brains out of baby hatchlings of purple martin nests if you want proof of their destructive habits. These and starlings are not native to the USA and have no natural enemy to control their numbers. Cardinals, robins, blue birds, mocking birds, wood peckers, hawks, Eagles, and others are productive birds which do eat spiders and other insects. The Sparrow needs to be removed not fed. Read up on how much damage these pests do to our nation’s food crops each year. Beneficial birds help reduce insects and bring songs to the air. Sparrows are not and should be captured and killed quickly and not fed. Make sure after you touch a sparrow that you immediately wash your hands with soap and hot water to remove the many viruses and germs these garbage collectors bring to the world. If you like sparrows you must hate the native song birds of our nation. Move to England if you like them so much. At least there they have natural predators which kill these pests.