What Do They Eat?

Find out what your favorite animal eats.

what do tree frogs eat?

What do Tree Frogs EatTree frogs are any frogs that have adapted to life up in the branches of trees. They have sticky pads on their feet and eyes that are excellent at judging distances to help them maneuver at dangerous heights. So, what do tree frogs eat? Tree frogs are primarily insectivores, meaning they eat bugs and small vertebrates. Smaller frogs eat flies, ants, moths, crickets, butterflies, spiders and beetles. Larger frogs catch snails, lizards and even mice!

If you have a pet tree frog, a standard diet of crickets is recommended. Depending on the size of your frog, you can try feeding it fish like goldfish and guppies, mice, worms and any other bugs you find crawling around your home. Every once in a while you should mix up calcium and multivitamin powders and coat your frog’s food to ensure it’s getting all the nutrition it needs.

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