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What do Wasps Eat?

What do Wasps Eat

What do Wasps Eat?

Wasps are insects related to bees, except that they don’t make honey and can sting more than once. They also tend to be more aggressive, so most people spend more time avoiding them than trying to figure out what wasps eat. In fact, they are powerful predators that can hunt animals much larger than themselves thanks to a paralyzing venom in their stingers. Adult wasps do not eat their prey, however. Their unfortunate victims are instead destined for wasp larvae, which will usually only eat live food.

Adult wasps have tiny, narrow waists which don’t allow them to eat solid foods. This means they can only eat liquids, honeydew being a particular favorite. Wasps have also been known to consume the blood of caterpillars and small animals. Other wasps specialize in attacking colonies of honeybees, killing the workers and then stealing their honey. Wasp larvae produce a highly nutritious liquid which the adult wasps also eat.

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