What Do They Eat?

Find out what your favorite animal eats.

what do weasels eat?

what-do-weasels-eat Weasels eat a wide variety of foods. Weasels have been pets for 1000s of years and companies now make Ferret food. And yes the weasel and a ferret are in the same family. Though domesticated Weasels are much harder to find than the Ferret, many people do have pet Weasels. If you have a pet Weasel you may purchase food for him at any local pet store. Some of the brands are Totally Ferret, Evo Ferret Diet, Pretty Pets, ZuPreem, and Pretty Pets.

Wild Weasels are carnivores and are skilled hunters. Depending on where the Weasel lives their diet changes, but all weasels eat other small animals like prairie dogs, rabbits, chipmunks, rats, frogs, and field mice.

Farmers who have rabbits and chickens often have problems with Weasels do to the fact that they will raid a Chicken coup and kill many chickens and rabbits at a time. On the other hand a healthy weasel population and keep rat and field mice populations very low.

Image courtesy of wikipedia under GNU:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mustela_nivalis_-British_Wildlife_Centre-4.jpg

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  1. I don’t wish to harm the animal, but it is now attacking my furniture. When it was or they were living in the basement – I could hear them but we didn’t share livinf space. lately I find piles of ripped fabric under furniture.

    Can you off er any help on how I might get them out of my home. Pam

  2. i have a pet weasel and she is part of my family i could not be she acts more like a cat she is so frendly i have not had to feed her any live food as i feed her chicken cat food and once a week she get a bit of raw beef has anyone else got one if so could you please leave a comment so i could get in touch please thanks

  3. I don’t own a weasel but i realy wan’t to know where people get them from? I am a huge fan of these creatures, they’re by far the most interesting animal in the UK!

  4. Weasels are great pets for people that want an animal companion that is intelligent. If you want a ball of fur that does nothing but eat, sleep and poop, weasels aren’t for you. They are, as nikki said, just like cats, but more inquisitive. Don’t tempt them, because if you do with pets like fish and birds, they will eat them. That’s their nature.

    They are a bit flighty at times, but overall, they are as lazy as a cat when well-fed. If you can’t handle a smart pet, though, meaning one that has initiative and ingenuity to get into your bird cage, don’t get a weasel. If you want an animal companion that is bright, friendly and has personality, a weasel is the way to go.

  5. well my weasel is now over a year now and still as funny and loving as ever she is so tame you would never have guessed she was once a wild animal so glad i found her when i did or she would have been dead now even my vet loves her as a pet i wish you could get them more easy as you cant buy them here and its not fair to take them from the wild but i had to take mine in it was life of death for her she well setteld in within a week of having her she has the run of the house and a very large ferret cage that she doesnt use much lol would raller sleep with me

  6. hi all i want to get a weasel and was wondering where do you get them from

  7. We moved back to our home after being away for 2 years across the county, and were surprised to have found mouse droppings everywhere throughout our trailer house, yet… no mice. I had found skeletal remains of mice in two old, brown glass hylex bottles we kept for decor, which really had me scratching my head as to why would they do this? The openings to the bottle were barely large enough for them to fit in. After. Discovering what my other half knowingly explained was weasel droppings, it was obvious what those mice had done, though I would have chosen to go by weasel instead. The bathroom of this trailer is none-functioning and is. Used as a storage closet as we wait for our other home to be ready to move into out here, nor is the house skirted. Shortly after moving home, we’d returned home from town to hearing this chipmunk-like chirping resounding from the bathroom. Our cats had this poor little weasel trapped amongst belongings stored in the tub. After chasing away the cats (declawed, fixed and indoor only cats I have since befriended the little bugger, named Rizzo, who comes and goes freely through spaces around indoor pipes and flooring! Lol! Now, I have reason to believe that he is a she who is a terribly adorable friend we feed our dinner to her as a way of returning the favor for the housekeeping while we were away. I find she sleeps amongst the blankets now stored in baskets in the tub, and hope she decides to nest there soon, as it is springtime here =)