What Do They Eat?

Find out what your favorite animal eats.

what do wild rabbits eat?

what do wild rabbits eatWild rabbits spend most of their day grazing on plants and grasses. When they first go outside, they nibble on grass to get the majority of their calories. Then, when their initial breakfast is over, they move on to tastier plants that might be harder to find. Wild rabbits love to eat clovers, dandelions, goldenrod, wild strawberries and other tender leafy plants. They will also clip twigs off of shrubs and nibble them, or gnaw the bark off of young trees. In the desert, rabbits eat dry, almost inedible plants such as sagebrush and then chew on succulent cacti for water. This allows them to live where most animals could not.

Wild rabbits have quite the reputation as pests in gardens. The same things we like to eat look especially delicious to rabbits. If you’re growing lettuce, spinach, sunflowers, blueberries or any variety of flower, be sure you have a bunny-proof fence up to protect your plants! If you are still wanting a more in-depth answer to what do rabbits eat, then please follow the link for more.

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