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what do wild toads eat?

what-do-wild-toads-eat The common wild toad has much the same diet the world over. There are a few species of toads that will eat dead animals and even dog or cat food, but for the most part they eat living animals. Depending on the size of the toad the food they will eat varies. To see what small toads eat see the post entitled what do small toads eat.

Most wild toads will eat everything from small spiders to large rats. This includes birds, worms, ants, lizards, slugs, snails, butterflies, crickets, centipedes, most invertebrates, and even other frogs and toads.

On a personal note, just the other day my two older sons and I sat on our porch and watched a toad about the size of a golf ball eat small sugar ants as they crossed over a leaf. He was very quick and ate 10 or more just in the few minutes I was able to watch.

Image courtesy of wikipedia under GNU:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fowler%27s_toad_Bufo_fowleri.jpg

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  4. they eat bugs,flies,spiders,crickets,ants, and catapillers.

  5. my brother fund 1 in our back yard and i love frogs and i kept him but i already had 3 other tree frogs will he eat the tree frogs and how old do they grow to be?

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  7. Yesterday, 1/1/2012, I discovered a toad in the house, in a coffee cup with a small rock in the bottom to hold a brown glass bottle with a piece of a “baby tears” plant that had broken off the main plant. I lifted the bottle out to add water, and there it was at the bottom next to the rock. I put a slightly smaller bottle back in the cup, but he’s so squished in there. The cup is on a small table with other plants under a west window. In the summer I often have little toads on my deck behind chair cushions or nestled in a hollow space in a wooden deck post. He must have come in when I brought an outdoor plant in in Nov. I live in the woods and have had snow on the ground since November. Do toads hibernate? Will it be all right until spring in that cup? What should I do to keep him safe? I keep my house cool. 58 deg. at night and 64-66during the day.

  8. ok so me and my little bro found 2 toads yesterday one is really dark and one is light i have them outside in a big container with grass and rocks and water how long will they live and what do we feed them

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  10. my questins are for wild toads!!!!!

  11. I just caught a toad this morning! I was just sitting on my porch and all the sudden the toad jumps right in my flower garden, and last night I caught a bull snake that was weird!